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Erotic Huaco, Moche culture (Peru)

In June 2001 I was invited to the 15th World Congress of Sexology (Paris), in 2003 to the 16th World Congress of Sexology (Havana), in 2005 to the American Urology Congress (San Antonio, Texas) and It caught my attention the enormous amount of works submitted by colleagues from all continents, from Asia and Africa to Europe and America, appointing the item of penis size and potential treatments (surgical, mechanical or kinesics) for elongation or thickening. There were also some papers presenting the psychological conditions of this problem that haunts men around the world, which proves that the size problem is universal and we must pay attention because many people suffer from this with great burden of anxiety and low self-esteem.

• Oscar, 38: I have a small penis, and although my wife did not tell me anything; internally I know, I am convinced that our sexual act is not paying as expected. I read that there are dispositive and surgeries to lengthen the member.

• Dany, 26: I was impressed when I saw an advertisement of the film “Godzila” (a big monster) witch read: “The Size also matter.”


Lysistrata, by Aubrey Beardsley

Many of them feel that the problem they brought along their existence, carry the following problems:

• Being single and alone
• Not able to get a good erection
• Be a premature ejaculator
• Being depressed
• Do not like the women
• Failure in life
• Failure debut / not debut yet.

Is bigger equals better performance?

Oscar is a typical case like others who argue owing a small penis, “and although she did not tell me anything, but I know that in our inner sexual encounters did not pay as expected.”

• Johnny, 28: I know women do not want a relationship with me, because I have a very small member. I had a relationship once that ended up leaving me.

• Charly, 41: I say otherwise but I know that women like it large, and I believe that there is a direct relationship between sexual potency and thickness because the penis fills with more blood inside.

Larger, more power?

The partnership between penis size - manhood – sexual power, is a deep – rooted belief among males. Many argue that their partners think they do not perform as they should because the size of their penis is not satisfactory, although they did not confess. If it is a succession of understood and assumptions (he believe that, she believes, he believes…) and these silences and suspicions are generating conflict situations.

When it becomes an obsession might the sexual appetite due to the belief that it is going to be embarrassment, this is acting as a true screen: he still maintains indoors alone, has no partner, because a matter of size!

Not going to think that this complex affects only in heterosexual men but I have heard some of my homosexual patients inhibiting their sexual activity because the small penis. In their circles also prefers those who have the large one.

• Julian, 29: I am gay and I am not fixed on the long but in thickness.

• Darius, 36: Gay scene size is very important. Who will lie about being gay with a little penis?

A test of virility?

One of the most widely accepted legend is that the larger the penis, the most virile male during intercourse. That means that the size is directly related to the ability of an individual.

• Vivian, 46: I like it when they have it thick.

• Damian, 29: When I penetrate my girlfriend, after a while I feel that my member dances within the vagina, this is my obsession.

As closure of this Part one we can say that this is a very common problem in men and a frequent, distressing and repeated query at the sexologist consulting. I will continue in successive chapters.

*Dr. Adrian Sapetti, MD, Psychiatrist, Sexologist