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• Mauro, 19: I have a poor erection of only 8 cm. I want to operate at any price. Could they give me a list of surgeons to help me, with the cost of this operation?

• Paul, 32: Viagra is useful for penis enlargement?



In this topic consult us males of all ages, but rarely do those older than 45. Young people are sensitive to ridicule for its size. If a child peers you make in a tone of joke, real or alleged smallness of their genitals, can be traumatized and convinced that it is not normal. There are also women who can reach them humiliate, knowledgeable of that is sacred to certain men, causing them a crisis that find it difficult to resolve. Of course that if is a hypogonadism or low genital development by poor production of hormones (androgens), must be corrected early to avoid an insufficient development and infertility.

Humanity has always sought ways to increase the size of the genitals and not few males that in his desire to have the largest penis buy ointments, creams and products that promise all sorts of wonders. From injections of collagen (which tend to distort the penis) and massages, vacuum pumps, internal and external prosthesis and surgery (adipose tissue graft, cutting suspensory ligament).

Some medical details: is considered a pathological penis when, in the state of flaccidity, measured less than 4 cm. (some call it "micropenis"). Cases where this can be detected and they need to be corrected, with different surgical techniques are as follows: prepubic adipose panicle, deep adhesions, penis surgery (by trauma), rare retraction by Peyronie's disease, circumcisions poorly carried out.

Some objections: be careful with the cutting of the suspensory ligament of the penis: only is unreeling it and release it in the state of flaccidity and may terminate in fibrosis and greater retraction

Called liposculpture (tissue graft) (FAT on the sides of the penis) can give rise to different problems which is one of the most frequent causes of malpractice in the United States.

With the use of tensors with which can extend up to 1 or 2 ctms. approximately.



Elongation by surgery or prosthesis surgeries do not have serious and controlled background.



Viagra does not produce a growth in the size: the cavernous smooth muscle expands more easily enabling the erection but does not grow in length or thickness.


.Santiago, 28: I was told that there is a device, as about tensors, that if you use every day, make you grow and thicken the penis.


When it becomes a true obsession in cases in which men insist on the complex of the smallness, it may cause a secondary impotence to avoid going to bed with a woman for that reason, which transforms him into a dysfunctional. He then tell serving as well because it has small and like a snowball, will continue increasing the problem. This obsession should assist him because it can even give depression, phobias and low self-esteem.

Each male, sometimes with therapeutic help or medical resources for elongation with which we must reflect and collate data from reality that it look into the background of the problem, leaving to observe in a simplistic manner, as a being eaten into, biased, to reconcile with their body image as a unique and unrepeatable being. There are papers that advise the use of tensors and surgery to enlarge the virile member: while the surgery is technically possible is indicated only in certain situations; tensors in certain controlled cases achieve quick few centimeters.



*Dr. Adrian Sapetti, MD, Psychiatrist, Sexologist