(Part 1)


Brief review on the concept of sexual response, so that we can define the concept of orgasm. I will briefly talk about the further items: Clitoris Orgasm and vaginal orgasm. The multiorgasmic female!, man talks about so much. Simultaneous orgasm? Simulated orgasm? Why is there woman that fake their orgasms? G point? Woman ejaculates? At last, we will expose some positions that may facilitate the orgasm and are very pleasant for woman.


The human sexual response: is an ordered and very rational sequence of physiological events which go to prepare the bodies of two members to pursue the specie reproduction and pleasure.

It must be some intense changes, form and function of each member of the couple genitals, for the sexual meeting to be a success, to do this is very important they can be Excited. This Changes we are talking here are not only genitals, sexual stimulation generates neurological, hormonal, vascular, and even muscular changes.

Masters and Johnson (1980) described 4 phases that defined human sexual response: Excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution. Based on the response people has during the sexual meeting. These phases cannot always be differentiate and may change on different moments of the person.

On the other hand, Helen Kaplan takes these 4 phases of this investigation, adding in the first place the Sexual Desire, and then the other phases became.
Others investigator consider intimacy as the first step, prior of Desire phase.


This is considered the most pleasurable phase of the sexual act. The female orgasm consists in reflected rhythm contractions of the circunvaginals muscles and the perineum, and the dilated tissues of the orgasmic platform that forms in the vagina.
The female orgasm always can be unleashed by some kind of clitoris stimulation.
Important to say that woman can have other orgasms by being stimulated seconds after the orgasm she had before, and so until she don’t desire more stimulation.


Not every woman has the facility of having an orgasm; many consultations are because of the impossibility of having one during the coitus.

Note: this is a first part from a series of articles about females orgasm.