(Part 2)


There is a belief in many people that woman who do not have Orgasms in sexual intercourse have problems, or as they say many, are not "normal". There are women who at the insistence of his partner come to believe it, and consulted, even though they have orgasms through stimulation of the clitoris, for not it during sexual intercourse with the penetration. Female orgasm itself, is a peculiar phenomenon because not for all women occurs in the same way as regards intensity, pleasure and the quantity of them. This makes each woman's experience of orgasm in different ways. But physically there some common reactions. They have come to have discussions about whether it is necessary that the women had orgasm or not, as in the case of men, orgasm is accompanied by ejaculation and thus serves to procreation, instead the orgasm have wondered what it is from this point of view.

Clitoral orgasm or vaginal orgasm?

In typical meetings of friends always there that says that it has the best orgasms during sex by penetration and stimulation of the clitoris. Helen Kaplan believes that it is not possible to believe that 90% of women who have orgasms by other means, other than by sexual intercourse, are all sick. The clitoris has a single function: produce sexual pleasure (nothing more and nothing less).
There are women who can only reach orgasm through oral, manual, sex with dildos and not through the penetration. This topic is controversial and is still being investigated and discussed; what is clear is that if we study the orgasm; taking the male model, we can hardly come to understand it. Helen Kaplan said that instead of asking if the female orgasm is clitoral or vaginal should ask whether causing orgasm in women is vaginal stimulation of the clitoris. It makes no sense today, talk about different types of orgasm. All orgasms, directly or indirectly, have intervention of the clitoris.

Note: this is a second part from a series of articles about females orgasm.